Bluehost VS Hostgator

Bluehost vs Hostgator

In the web hosting, industry Bluehost vs Hostgator is always the most trending topic for beginners as well as experienced people.  Because these two companies are considered the most reliable company for providing Webhosting at the best price.  But now we were going to discuss which one of them is best in different phases.  And help you to select one of them if you want to buy hosting for your website.   Every one of us wants the best for our website and that is the reason we compare the two biggest web hosting providing companies Bluehost & Hostgator.  So that we clarify you touch on which one of them is best by going in-depth.  If it talks about overall then both the companies are looking the same and offer the same services at the same prices.  But still, there are some factors based on which we can decide which one of them is best.

Pocket-Friendly Services with great features of Bluehost

 When it comes to money then Bluehost can be the better in comparison to Hostgator.  Because it offers premium services at a reasonable price which is cheaper than Hostgator.  So this can be a plus point for Bluehost.  Another best thing which you can find in Bluehost, not in Hostgator is its friendly and easy-to-use interface.  Especially for beginners, Bluehost can be the best option because of its simplicity and easy-to-use features.  In Hostgator, beginners may feel little trouble and difficulties in handling their site because of its complicated interface.  Suggested by WordPress itself Bluehost is a perfectly designed WordPress website and this is the trade feature that makes Bluehost better than Hostgator.  Because HostGator is not perfectly optimized for the WordPress website only.  So if you want to run but this website you can go with Bluehost hassle-free.

Get exciting offers and gift with Bluehost web hosting free

 As we all love gifts and because of this nature we love Bluehost as our hosting provider because with selecting Bluehost hosting plans you will get a free domain as well as SSL also.  And this feature you not found in Hostgator.  Bluehost offers great uptime for starting and medium based websites but it is not enough good like Hostgator.  So for getting the best server uptime web hosting provider, you should choose Hostgator instead of Bluehost.  Based on the above discussion, we can clarify that Bluehost is a better option than Hostgator in many ways. But for giving you a more clear answer let us discuss it in brief.

Bluehost – Especially recommended for WordPress users

 WordPress is the friendliest and widely used CMS network even more than 60% of the website is running over WordPress platforms. It also provides cheap cPanel hosting at an affordable price.  If you are also going to start your website on WordPress, then Bluehost can we paste for you because of it’s specially customized interface for the WordPress user.  Even Bluehost is the best hosting company because of suggested by WordPress itself.  That is one of the greatest points for Bluehost that make it better in comparison to others.  With Bluehost, you get excellent speed & proper support for your website which every beginner needs in starting days.

 In the end, deciding one of them is pretty difficult but because of two to three points, we can consider Bluehost as the best performer in comparison to Hostgator.  So, you should go with Bluehost if you want to start your website or Motu switches your website from other hosting providers to Bluehost, where you get the best serviced at the best price.