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How Do You Enable SSL On Hostinger?

If you own a website then you will also need an SSL certificate. In the services of Hostinger, you will get a free SSL certificate. Here we will uncover how you can enable SSL on Hostinger. Install it and improve your site security and credential.

“Hostinger offers free SSL services in its hosting plan. If you want to protect your website then you can use the services of its free SSL” If you install an SSL certificate the first know about the reasons to install SSL. For these reasons, you will install SSL for website betterment.

Reasons to Install SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer is a web protocol for securing data transfer and communication. The SSL protocol encrypts all information requested from the server and vice-versa. With the help of this, you will protect your website from third parties.

Here are some benefits of the SSL Certificate:-

  • Improves Website Security- SSL secures all the confidential information. It ensures secure data transfer and connection.
  • Increase the trust of the users on your website- Enabling SSL protocol shows your commitment towards your users. It shows you will secure user data and details very well.
  • Improves SEO Ranking- Popular search engines like Google. The search engine gives priority to the HTTPS sites.

To enable the SSL Certificate on your website you need to obtain the SSL certificate from Certificate Authority.  Most of the web hosting provider provides the deals for SSL just like Hostinger. With this Hostinger SSL great deals, it becomes affordable for all the buyers and also easy to install.

If you do not want to spend on the SSL then here are many non-profit certificates authority like let’s encrypt. It distributes SSL services free of cost.

If you use the services of the free certificate then it is valid for only 90 days. After 90 days you have to renew the certificate periodically to maintain its benefits.

Using some VPN services you can also have a plus point for your online security. You can choose one from the famous VPN brands such as Nord and expressVPN. So just use the NordVPN Youtuber codes and coupons to buy a famous virtual private network service at so cheap.

How can you enable SSL on Hostinger Free of Cost?

Here you will get to know how to install an SSL certificate step by step from the let’s encrypt platform. If you host a website from hosting you can use let’s encrypt services generated by ZEROSSL.

Let’s Head Over to the ZeroSSL free SSL Certificate.

  1. Search for the ZeroSSL certificate website in the browser.
  2. Enter your website URL and click on the Create Free SSL Certificate.Add SSL Hostinger
  3. Kindly check the URL twice is it correct or not and then create a login by entering your email and password.
  4. Before using free SSL check that the domain is valid and click on the next step.
  5. Choose the duration of the SSL if you choose 90 days then it is free of cost and 1 year SSL certification is paid. So for the free click on the 90 days. Then click on the Next Step button.Hostinger SSL Duration
  6. If you want to manually add your contact information and uncheck the Auto-Generate CSR and click on the next step.Hostinger SSL certificate
  7. Select the plan of your SSL and click on the next step
  8. Select SSL Hostinger Plan
  9. Select the verification method as you want.
  10. After verification Click certificate on your ZeroSSL Menu.
  11. To generate three sets of key click on the download SSL certificate. CRT (certificate), KEY (private key), and CABUNDLE (Certificate authority bundle).
  12. Move back to your Hostinger login account and login to it. Under the Advanced section access the SSL menu and scroll down to custom SSL.
  13. Paste the key you have obtained to the appointed boxes, then click on the Install.Hostinger SSL Services
  14. When the installation process is successfully done then the SSL details should appear on the list of the installed SSL.


With the help of the above-mentioned information, you can easily use the services of free SSL with the best Hostinger services. Get the services of SSL and keep your site secure for all your users. Whether you want to use free or paid you will get both the services. So use it’s now and get all the benefits of SSL on your current website. Make your user’s details and information secure with the SSL certificate. Get it free and use the services of the best SSL Protocol.