Is GoDaddy provide a free Domain for small businesses?

If you want to start a small or large business online platform, then have the most important Domain and Web hosting. If you think about what is domain and web hosting? So that I also mention it in my previous article. You can go to the website and check it.

In addition, I tell you in short words ”Domain is a name or brand name of your website” and “web hosting is an online service or online storage space with a combination of hardware and software.” For Example-” ABC is your domain name which you store or save your all file, videos, photos, and Html file that is web hosting. 

Some companies are available which provide a domain and web hosting. But Godaddy company provides a service at a low-cost price. And I tell you about Godaddy.

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About Godaddy: –


GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet company that provides Web Hosting and Domain services in the world currently. Aman Bhutani is the CEO of Godaddy and he is joining this company on 4 September 2019. 

Bob Parsons is founded by Jomax® Technologies in 1997 and after a few years he changed his name “Godaddy.” Has become the world’s largest domain register company by ICANN, and it’s under 40 million domain names under its management. 

Why doesn’t get the name Big Dadaddy: –   In 1999, their group of employees decided that change of company Name. One employee said that how about the “Big Dadaddy” name of the company. But this domain name has already been purchased. A person said how about “Go Dadaddy” name company. And Go Dadaddy’s name is available. So, the company bought this name. After the company changed its branding name from Jomax Technologies to Godadaddy in 2006.

His Old logo is a cartoon-styled man with messy hair wearing sunglasses. GoDaddy makes a new logo. It is a simple, sans-serif type accompanied which showing a heart-shaped design that spells out “GO.”

And as Godaddy become 21 million customers and over 6,600 employees in the world. He is offering many types of products and with come many plans.

20+ million customers around the world are trusted by this company.

Products of Godaddy which he is offering 

  1. Domains
  3. Websites
  4. WordPress
  5. Hosting
  6. Web Security
  7. Online Marketing

First of all, let me tell you about their hosting offer. shared hosting plans, WordPress optimized shared hosting service, VPS plans, dedicated hosting package, and email hosting plans.

Web Hosting: – is an online service that sells web space to individuals and organizations which permits you to build your website on another server. you can get access to your website anywhere in the world and store your all file, images, and videos anytime. This company offers four types of web hosting.

Shared Hosting: – This hosting is best for a small website that does not need ultimate server performance. In this hosting, you will be sharing your space server with another website. It cost ₹ 159.00 / per month and ₹ 199. renewal.

Shared Hostong

VPS Hosting: – This type of hosting is perfect for special server configuration needs. you can get full control with root access and optional control panels. and in their hosting come automated weekly backups and on-demand snapshots. It is more expensive hosting as compared to shared hosting and its per month cost is ₹ 439.00 /mo.

Dedicate hosting: – If you want to get high performances and you do not happy with VPS hosting then Dedicate hosting best option for your website. With this hosting, you can get full access and control of your website. And its cost is too expensive.

Dedicated Hosting

Email Hosting: – Also Godaddy offers an email hosting plan. This hosting makes your website address professional for example( and gives 10 GB of email storage and it is a very low-cost ₹ 29.00 per user/mo.

But they have not stopped offering among the clients and have some extra hosting reseller programs, web design services, and SEO consulting.

WordPress Hosting: – They provide WordPress-optimized shared hosting services. It is perfect for those who can manage perfectly and are comfortable operating WordPress websites

This hosting is most popular among the people. Do you think WordPress hosting is more useful than a normal shared hosting plan? assumably not. This hosting is organized to make it comfortable for you to create and handle a WordPress website.

GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting programs are for a single install and are limited.

Domain Registration: – Domain is the name of your website address. So that when users search your website on the URL address bar then the users can visit your website. Godaddy gives domain protection to domain data exposure, unexpected expiration, and hijacking. Their privacy protection is free of charge.

Feature of Godaddy 

Godaddy has more features for your website: –

SSL Certificate: – SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is a digital certificate that gives authenticates for your website identity. It makes your website secure enough to be navigated. After 2015 SSL certificate became a standard for own website. I want to give you a recommendation that you get one SSL Certificate for your website because it’s most important for every website.


Godaddy provides SSL certificates for free on own some panels like Ultimate and ECommerce. And Godaddy gives more tyes of SSL Certificate like.

  • DV SSL Certificate – This certificate helps to improve your Google search ranking.
  • EV SSL Certificate – Get you the highest level of authenticity and verify your business website. 
  • SAN SSL – They protect your 100 websites. and get multiple domain certificates.
  • Wildcard SSL – they protect all pages of your website. and give Covers unlimited servers.
  • Managed SSL Service – in this Certificate you can get bulletproof security, and always stay SecureLong term security.

Additional Services: – Godaddy has some Additional Services for clients. its primary web hosting, web design, and domain registration services.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Website Security
  • Website Backup
  • Microsoft Office 365 software packages
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Business Email

List of Pricing, Speed, and storage:

Websites1 site10 sites25 sites50 sites
Memory512 MB1 GB1.5 GB2 GB
Max. files amount250,000250,000250,000250,000
BandwidthUnmetered *Unmetered *Unmetered *Unmetered *
Storage25 GB50 GB75 GB100 GB
Max. DB size1 GB1 BG1 GB1 GB
SSL certificateNoIncluded free the first termYesYes
BackupPaid add-onPaid add-onPaid add-onPaid add-on
First-year special price$5.99 a month$7.99 a month$12.99 a month$19.99 a month
Renewal price$8.99 a month$11.99 a month$16.99 a month$24.99 a month

       Web hosting

  Stater Economy Deluxe Ultimate
  ₹ 159.00 /mo ₹ 199.00 /mo ₹ 419.00 /mo ₹ 659.00 /mo
  Free 1-click WordPress install Unmetered bandwidth   Free 1-click WordPress install Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year  
  Database Daily Backups   Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year   Free domain (₹ 849.00/yr value)
  Max. DB size Free 1-click WordPress install Free domain (₹ 849.00/yr value) Free SSL Certificate (₹ 4,399.00/yr value) – 1 year††
  SSL certificate Free Professional Email (₹ 348.00/yr value) – 1st year   Increased processing power 
  Backup Free domain (₹ 849.00/yr value)  Standard Performance Unlimited websites
  512 MB RAM Standard Performance Unlimited websites Unlimited storage
  1 website 1 website Unlimited storage Unlimited databases
  Unmetered bandwidth   100 GB storage 25 databases Unmetered bandwidth  
  30 GB storage 10 databases Unmetered bandwidth   Daily Backups  
  1 database  Daily Backups   Free 1-click WordPress install
  Daily Backups

Security: – Security is the most important part of any small and biggest website. So Godday gives a more powerful security feature in any hosting plan. their security is protected by a Firewall that prevents hackers, DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost.

Godday provides easy-to-manage tools which help protect your website from the most common security threats. Security of Godday is given deserves broad protection with all the tools you need to protect your business and customers online.

Backup: – For any Website Backup is so much useful and very important. Do you think how? So, when you have no backup for your website. If there is any kind of attack on your website or comes to your website error problem and your site does not work properly then you can’t restore all data and files. But if you have a backup of your website then you can get all data of your website. 

So Dodday gives a backup feature for our customers. there has backup done on your website. like Daily one-click backup, Automatic daily backups, Built-in daily malware scanning, Downloads to local storage, Secure cloud storage, Backup of a file, folder, or an entire database, and Continuous security monitoring. 

And Every website of your folder, database, and file in your site is forever safe, available, and protected. This Backup works with any hosting provider.

24/7- Customer Care support of Godday 
24/7 support

Present day, every person wants to have good communication with any Customer Care team and can solve our problems.

So Godaddy makes an amazing Customer Care support team for our clients so that their customers don’t face any types of problems. 

So, the company gives the facility for contact Call us, Live Chat, and Email support. His all-contact facility is available 24/7 hours. 

you can Chat with the support team and sales for quick answers on pricing, product features, and more. That makes the best company of GoDaddy.

Conclusion: – There are many web hosting providers in the market at the moment. A Question comes to your mind about why I am choosing Dodday for buying hosting.

Godday is one of the best and biggest hosting and domain registration provider company in the world and it is a trustable company. You can get web hosting at an affordable purchase that everyone wants. 

Godday, give a free domain and he has protected your website server from being cyber-attacked. If you can doesn’t satisfied with hosting, then refund your amount. Because they provide a 30-day money-Back guarantee. Their support team is available 24/7 hours and gives you quickly to your question-answers. Free 1-click WordPress install and Free Professional Email comes with each hosting plan. That is the reason for selecting GoDaddy. But dependent on you that who chooses web hosting purchases.