All Information is Here of Hostmantis in This Article like Pricing, Plan, and Review

If you want to create a website, then you should need web hosting and a domain. Now you must be thinking what is web hosting (hosting)? and how can do get it? Now you must be wondering what is web hosting? And how can I get it? And how much money will have to be paid for web hosting? I will tell you everything in this article of mine. First of all, let us start with what is web hosting? After then we will tell you about how can buy web hosting at a cheap rate and where? let’s go on start.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that permits institutions and individuals to post websites or web pages on the Internet. And makes your website content available on the Internet.

When you connect your website to hosting. then your website can be shown on the Internet in anywhere the world.

We need a very powerful server for our website hosting. which must be connected to the internet 24 hours for the users. And We cannot maintain its type of server and we need to web hosting companies. And Companies have their own powerful technology, server, and staff.  So, we need a Low Cost web hosting Service.

This is telling of web hosting. Now let’s talk that how many types? Types of Web Hosting: –

Know more about Hostmantis Hosting

Whenever it comes to buying hosting at the cheapest price, there is talk about HostMantis. 

HostMantis was formerly known as Plexihost, but now, its name was changed to “Branding” in 2010. A Company provides various types of web hosting at the lowest price. 

This is telling of web hosting. Now let’s talk that how many types?

Types of Web Hosting: –

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Choose a HostMantis
Why Choose HostMantis

Features and Easy to use

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 100% Manual Account Control
  • Domain registration (no free domains)
  • Multidomain hosting with up to unlimited subdomains
  • Email hosting with unlimited accounts. 
  • Up to 99 GB of SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificates providers
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Now tells about Disadvantages and Advantage

Advantage: –

  1. There all plans come with lifetime free domain renewal monthly. 
  2. Hostmatis company gives lifetime access to customer support and the company gives a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans. 
  3. 24/7 Technical support

Disadvantages: –

  1. This company does not have dedicated plans for WordPress. 
  2. All discount prices are only active for one month after then you should pay for this plan.

Hostmantis Provide many types of Service 

  1. Reliable – Web Hosting
  2. AFFORDABLE- Reseller Web Hosting
  3. Powerful- Enterprise Hosting
  4. Secure- VPS Hosting

Hostmantis-Web Hosting

In simple words- Web hosting is an online service or online storage space. Where you store and save your all data, file, and images wherever want.

When users search your domain name on the browser address bar then the web hosting server transfers all data and files needed to load your website.  

Under In this hosting come on- Shared hosting. Do you know shared hosting? We will tell you about shared hosting and give some plans for this hosting.

Shared hosting allows for multiple websites from one server. It’s the cheapest hosting and it is the best choice for beginners and small websites.

You choose a shared plan which suits your website too needs and price

Shared hosting Plan
Shared EntryShared AdvancedShared Expert 
An excellent starting pointFor better-advanced websitesFor bigger websites 
1x CPU Cores1.5x CPU Cores2x CPU Cores 
Unmetered TransferUnmetered TransferUnmetered Transfer 
Monthly$4.95 FeatureMonthly$15.95 featureMonthly$24.95 feature 
 cPanel Control Panel cPanel Control Panel cPanel Control Panel
DDoS ProtectedDDoS ProtectedDDoS Protected
Imunify360 ProtectionImunify360 ProtectionImunify360 Protection
Mail Channels OutgoingMail Channels OutgoingMail Channels Outgoing
Unlimited EmailsUnlimited EmailsUnlimited Emails
Unlimited DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited Databases
Unlimited DomainsUnlimited DomainsUnlimited Domains
1-Click WordPress Installer1-Click WordPress Installer1-Click WordPress Installer
Daily Offsite BackupsDaily Offsite BackupsDaily Offsite Backups

Reseller Web Hosting

If you to start a website and want everything then Reseller Web Hosting is the perfect choice for you. It is easy to start, control, and profitable for your business. 

Reseller web hosting permits our all-web hosting service to be sold by an individual organization. 

Enterprise Hosting – If you need more speed, then this hosting is best for you. because it provides 3x faster-loading speed for your website. It also offers recovery, backup, upgrade, and training services. 

VPS Hosting– VPS means (Virtual Private Server). It provides a machine and its hosting connect one computer to more server. 

VPS hosting is good for which has medium traffic. 

Support and Pricing

Support: –

  • Hostmantis teas are available 24/7 hours by ticketing system for you.
  • The customer service team is not applicable as live chat or phone support.
  • You can get emails in under an hour (even at weekends).

Pricing: –

Plan of web Hosting  Hostmantis

When it comes to cheap unlimited hosting package and prices then Hostmantis provide simple and affordable four entry-level shared hosting plans. Four enterprises shared hosting plans.

Hostmantis Web Hosting

Plan NameStorageBandwidthFree SSLNumber of SitesPrice
Linux Starter15 GB SSDunlimited+unlimited₹258
Linux Advanced30 GB SSDunlimited+unlimited₹405
Linux Expert50 GB SSDunlimited+unlimited₹553
Windows Entry2 GB SSDunlimited+unlimited₹240
Windows Starter15 GB SSDunlimited+unlimited₹314
Windows Advanced30 GB SSDunlimited+unlimited₹535

HostMantis Reseller Hosting

Plan NameStorageBandwidthNumber of Sites
Linux Entry25 GB SSDunlimited50₹439
Linux Starter50 GB SSDunlimited75₹661
Linux Advanced75 GB SSDunlimited125₹1546
Linux Expert100 GB SSDunlimited175₹2653
Windows Entry25 GB SSDunlimited25₹535
Windows Starter50 GB SSDunlimited50₹904
Windows Advanced75 GB SSDunlimited100₹1937
Windows Expert100 GB SSDunlimited150₹3266
HostMantis VPS Hosting
Plan NameStorageBandwidthCPURAMPrice
Entry20 GB SSDunlimited1 CORE4 GB₹1103
Starter30 GB SSDunlimited2 CORES5 GB₹1472
Advanced40 GB SSDunlimited3 CORES6 GB₹2210
Expert50 GB SSDunlimited4 CORES8 GB₹3686

If you want to purchase any web hosting and domain. By paying a low-cost amount which want to everybody and you can save more. It is so easy to manage a site and all features of Hostmantis. So you can try to use the hostmantis hosting server if you like these plans. Their hosting plan comes at cheap pricing as compared to other web hosting plans. If you are not satisfied with his hosting server, then you use to 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.