Start a WordPress Website

Starting An Online Journey With HostGator

Starting an online blog is fun and exciting.  Because in this line you will learn a lot of things and earn a lot of awards.  Even with the right hosting provider, your blog will give you really exciting prizes very soon.  Now we will talk about how to start your online journey on WordPress with HostGator which is one of the most leading hosting providers over the world.  HostGator stable its reputation in the market by bringing mind-blowing features and offers to every type of website holder.  And the best thing is running your website with HostGator is very easy and comfortable.  You can easily learn everything which is hosting provider has without any trouble. Even with support and 24/7 available people of post data can make your every single query fulfill very soon.

Why do you need to start your Online Blog with HostGator?

 You have so many reasons why you need to start your blog instead of working else. Because it gives you the freedom to enjoy your life and do according to your passion.  Starting your own online business gives you full authority and responsibility to make you grow.  The best part while starting an online business is its money. Because starting your WordPress website with HostGator is very cheap and easily affordable. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get your website live.   Instead just need to have some knowledge about the online industry which you will get from here.  So let’s start talking about how to start a WordPress blog with HostGator.

how to start WordPress blog

Steps you need to follow for starting a WordPress Blog with HostGator

Starting your online journey take you around 30 minutes only. So without taking anymore just start the main course. We will discuss the process into simple steps so that you can easily memories them. The steps to start a WordPress blog with HostGator are

  1. Choose the hosting provider: – as it is obvious that you are going to start your WordPress blog with HostGator. Which is worth to buy. Because if you are going to start your WordPress blog, then going with HostGator can serve you the best hosting experience at affordable prices. HostGator has several hosting plans according to your different website’s needs. And every hosting plan offer by HostGator is very impressive and worth to buy. Starting the cost you have to pay for HostGator webhosting is $2.75 per month. This cost is pretty cheap when it comes to starting an online business.
  2. Register a domain: – the next step towards starting your online journey is to register a domain online. You can get your domain according to the business you are going to start. You can register your domain through HostGator which is the most recommended place. As there are many extension available which you can choose like, & but if you want to work globally, you should go with .com extension which is a little bit high in comparison to other. But with HostGator, you can get a special discount at the time of buying the domain. There are several tips that you need to be considered at the time of selecting domain which is getting the smallest domain as possible, easy to remember domain name and if possible go with the .com extension. You can also try other privacy protection and other services if interested through HostGator.
  3. Make Payment: – after compiling the above steps which are selecting your domain and hosting provider now you need to make payment for further activation. Fill out the form pop up at the time of checkout which needs your personal information and detail of your payment mode. You can apply several HostGator promo codes for deducting the amount of final payment. After completing the payment procedure, you just receive the confirmation on your registered email and yes, finally you get your domain and hosting.
  4. Install WordPress: – once you get your domain and hosting you just need to install WordPress by login in your client area. Installing WordPress is very easy just login to your cpanel and install WordPress through applications. It takes 5-10 minutes to get WordPress install on your server.
  5. Select a theme and start blogging: – once everything looking fine, you just need to select a theme and start your blogging journey now. Post content, install plugins & get your website ranked. you can customize your website according to your wish whenever you want at free of cost.