What is Bluehost CodeGuard

What is Bluehost CodeGuard & How it Works?

Bluehost code guard is an automatic service offered by Bluehost to take the backup of your website and data automatically and daily.  Not only this even with Bluehost code guard you will get every hour monitoring of your website and notifying you whenever any change happens in your site.

It also offers you the simplest website restore facility by clicking a single button.  This tool can be considered as a precious online tool for big and medium-sized websites, which are unable to take the backup of their site daily.  Because hundreds of changes are happening on their site every day and keep them monitoring is very typical. That’s why they use Bluehost codeguard which simply their problems in a professional way.

Keep your Website safe and secure for a lifetime

No one wants to lose the hard work they did on their website. That’s why you need professional and reliable backup software that will automatically take the backup of your website every day. With many other impressive features.  Attack by malware and losing all files of a website is very common now.  So you should be well aware of how to prepare to be safe by the attack and keep your files secure. But being a human being it is not possible for us to take regular backup of our website.  That’s why you need Bluehost codeguard for working this important task for you.  Bluehost will take the backup of your whole site and your database to secure it to a safe place. So that you can easily restore them whenever you lose your all files.  Even the restoring process through codeguard is also very simple and just off one click.

Bluehost CodeGuard

Background running machine to keep your site safe – Codeguard

You can also consider Bluehost codeguard as the time machine for your website which works hidden to keep your files safe and secure.  You are worried about losing your files and any   Malware attack is going to be finished with the codeguard of Bluehost. The best thing which anyone can consider in Bluehost codeguard is it is which is worth it.  Because you will get a codeguard service basic plan for 2.95 dollars per month which is pretty reasonable and easily affordable for keeping your website safe and secure.  According to demand you can also able to upgrade your plan into codeguard professional and premium plan which cost you 5.95 dollar and 9.95 dollars respectively.  Even a great plan also available for codeguard service especially for big Enterprises which is the enterprise plan of Bluehost codeguard.  Which cost you 23.95 dollars. Per month.

Is Bluehost Codeguard Worth to buy?

Bluehost codeguard maybe help for most of the business but maybe not for every business.  That’s why this question maybe comes in your mind that is Bluehost codeguard worth to buy?  So, in short, yes it is.  This is because codeguard helped you to keep maintaining your website in many ways. Besides, Bluehost also offers cheap cPanel hosting at an affordable price. By taking your regular backup and keeping your website safe.  And the best you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars for it because it is easily available with a basic plan at 2.95 dollars per month but you can use the Bluehost Coupon Code for savings. And if you don’t want to lose your website then this cost is pretty reasonable. So, in the end, we recommended you to take Bluehost codeguard service which is very beneficial for you.  Because nothing is more painful than losing your whole hard work and web files within few minutes for website managers.