Why Choose HostGator Web Hosting?

10 Reasons Why Choose HostGator Web Hosting?

HostGator is one of the most leading web hosting companies in the world. It was founded 16 years ago, on 22nd of October 2002 at Houston USA, and soon became the most well-known web hosting provider in the globe. But this doesn’t mean that you should have to choose the HostGator. So, Why Choose the HostGator Web Hosting? Stepping ahead with your answer, you will get to see the numerous reasons to choose HostGator Web Hosting.

Why Choose HostGator Web Hosting?

HostGator has hosted over 8 million domain names which gather approx. 1% of the world’s internet traffic.  It is also mainly known for the flexible price they offer. In this platform they offer different types of web hosting like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and domain name server package, including the best for your large business that is Dedicated hosting which makes HostGator apart from other competition.

While going for a search of buying web hosting becomes the most important part because you don’t want to invest money where you regret later. So, today I am going to tell you 10 reasons to choose HostGator web hosting for eCommerce website.

10 Reasons to Choose HostGator Web Hosting

1) Affordable Price: HostGator comes with very low cost as its starter plan comes at just $2.75/month. To start your online business at the very beginning it’s very important to get web hosting at a reasonable price. HostGator is the one that gives you the chance to fulfill your dream business at an affordable price which you might not be able to get with other web hosting companies. However during the HostGator Black Friday deal, you can get its services ever more affordable price.

HostGator Affordable Price

2) 99.9% uptime: If you want to boost your websites than websites server must keep running 24/7 and this is what HostGator guarantees you of providing 99.9% uptime even in their lower-cost plan.

HostGator Uptime Guarantee

3) Money-back Guarantee: Usually most of the web hosting provider gives you 30days money back promise but HostGator gives you 45 days of money-back guarantee which makes HostGator even better. If you are not satisfied with any reasons you can request a complete refund within 45 days of purchasing.

HostGator Money back Guarantee

4) Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth: HostGator allows you to use unlimited disk space and bandwidth from its very basic plan and this is one the most important part of the website. HostGator does not charge you according to the amount of disk space and bandwidth you use.

5) 24/7 Support: HostGator team are always ready for you to help if you are having any technical issue. HostGator experts are available 24/7*365 to help you via Telephones, live chat or through emails if you have any web hosting related queries. These kinds of support and care of customers will definitely make you choose HostGator web hosting.

6) cPanel Compatibility: cPanel stands for Control Panel. HostGator gives you easy to use control panel by which you can easily optimize or manage your website to perform better as per your need.

7) Website Speed: It is very important to have a high speed of your webpage because it decides your rank in search engines. If it took more than 3 seconds to load your webpage then the audience might not visit your website again. So, HostGator web hosting gives you lightning-fast speed as they understand their customer needs.

8) Customers Friendly: HostGator is a user-friendly web hosting provider. HostGator web hosting comes with simple cPanel and easy to use tools so users can easily manage their websites.

9) Free Domain: HostGator web hosting offers you a free domain name with the 1-year annual plan and with this offer you can save upto $15 while purchasing web hosting for your website. So, it means if you don’t have a domain name till now you can have it one with the HostGator web hosting.

10) Special Discount Coupons: This is the very best part of HostGator web hosting where you will be satisfied choosing it. In HostGator web hosting you will get HostGator coupons and promo codes where you can grab special discounts purchasing web hosting.

HostGator Discount Code


There above I told you 10 reasons to choose HostGator web hosting, now it’s your turn to decide with which web hosting provider you want to go. There is also much reason which makes HostGator web hosting even better like an Unlimited email account, Free Website Migration Feature, WordPress Support, etc.

If you are looking towards purchasing HostGator web hosting then do not forget to use HostGator Discount Coupons or HostGator promo codes so that you can get web hosting at a cheaper price.